Random spwn items
Hello, i need a plugin to random spawn items in the zones of the world
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can any help ? need to make random spawner items, how to do this ??
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You can use cWorld:SpawnItemPickups to spawn items at passed coords.
When do you want to spawn the items? Command, hook, scheduler?
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i want to spawn random item list in random places of the world. where i set random spawner item
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There's nothing in Cuberite that would spawn random items at regular intervals. You need to implement that. So you need to:
1. Create a function that is called regularly, using cWorld:ScheduleTask()
2. In that function, decide on the random coords and item type (math.random()) and spawn the pickup (cWorld:SpawnItemPickups())
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@xoft I just see that SpawnItemPickups doesn't return anything. Could be useful for minigames.
Returning a table of entity ids should be okay.  This could be useful for plugin that wants to know when a player collects a pickup with a specific item. Also for example changing the life time of a pickup.

Edit: Just see that there is a hook named HOOK_COLLECTING_PICKUP that is triggered when a pickup is collected.

@Boo If you want I could write that plugin.
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(05-14-2017, 05:17 AM)Seadragon91 Wrote: @Boo If you want I could write that plugin.

Please, can you? i dont know programmins, and lua :-( i newer work with api... Undecided
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Okay a few questions.
When should the pickup spawn?
  • A specific event occurred
  • Every few seconds
  • Command called
Where should it spawn?:
  • In a area
  • Around a area, like x = 0, y = 64, z = 0, randomly inside of a radius with 50 blocks
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1 -Every few seconds
2 - Can you make an item named "Random Spawner" and spawn items around some radius of blocks?
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A sign could be used as center or a command that creates the info. The plugin can then store the position and the info from the sign
Example inf on sign. Lines:
1 = [ItemSpawn]
2 = <radius>

There would be two lines left for more info.

Another question, the items:
  • A list of possible items, randomly picked from it
  • Read from a Ini file
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