Hosting a Cuberite server
Hello everyone,

I would like to host a Cuberite server with Minecraft 1.8.
I have a few questions:
- How stable is Cuberite? (Host is a Linux-VPS with static ip4-adress)
- Does Cuberite support area-protection plug-ins such as WorldGuard?
- How well does the permission system work?

Thank you for your answers!  Smile
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Hello, welcome to the forum.

There might be some problems related to the 1.8 client version. For example, the recipes file Cuberite currently uses has recipes that are unavailable in the 1.8 client, and sometimes it may cause a disconnect for the client (such as when crafting anything from iron, you put in an iron ingot and the client disconnects, because the server gives it the "iron nugget" result, which the client cannot handle). You'd need to tweak the recipes and furnace smelting definitions to make it work.

As for the stability, the server generally runs fine, I've been running one on a RaspberryPi (the oldest one) for well over four years without any major trouble. I have a script in place that runs the server in a loop, together with updating the server - this means that if the server does crash, the executable is updated to the newest available and then restarted. Similarly, I could update the server simply by shutting it down by an in-game command, it will come back up again in a short while.

There is an area protection plugin that is good enough for most use-cases. It doesn't work with WorldEdit yet, this feature is under development.

Since I have no data to compare with, I can't say how well the permission system works. It does what we want it to do, it is flexible enough to run a public server with it. Are there any specific questions you have about it?
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Thanks for the answers!
I have already set up a Cuberite server and so far everything is working fine (Client is 1.8.9)
The permission system via the web interface is also simple. I have no specific questions, it must provide the necessary security for an open server with the area-protection
I will test the area plugin, thanks!
Which Minecraft version works best with Cuberite?
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Sorry for double post
I'm currently experimenting with Cuberite.
My old Spigot world is now running with it just fine, but i've noticed a few bugs:

 - all texts of signs are gone
 - sometimes monsters are invisible
 - i have to log in after some time, otherwise things like the Workbench or chests don't work anymore
 - objects no longer drift in water, they just stand still
 - the console displays the following error message: "cCuboid(int, int, int, int, int, int) constructor is deprecated, use cCuboid(Vector3i, Vector3i) constructor instead"

Hope somebody can help here.

But huge credit to the developers!! It's fun to work with the system Smile
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Would it be possible to provide us with the world files, so that we can check it on our dev machines? Ideally with coords for each type of problem, so that we don't have to wander around Smile
- sign text gone: definitely a bug
- invisible monsters: we've had reports of these, but I thought we got rid of this problem already. Seems like I'm mistaken.
- crafting table and chest not working: weird, works alright for me. Is there any pattern what you need to do in order to make them stop working? Such as walking away at least 100 blocks, or going through a nether portal, etc.
- water pushing things: this is known to be broken
- those console errors most likely come from an old plugin, we're in the middle of replacing some internal APIs and plugins will need an update. Does the message still display if you disable all the plugins? Can you pinpoint which plugin causes the message?

Probably the best client version is currently 1.11. We try to stay current, but the features in the new versions are too many and too fast, thus the 1.12 protocol is mostly done, but the features aren't.
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I can send you a pm with the domain/ip-adress of my server. Then you can test it there, if that's okay. The server runs 24/7 Smile
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That wouldn't work for me - I need to load the world in a Cuberite instance that is running under a debugger, so that I can pause it at any moment and inspect the variables in the code, what's going on. If not the whole world, then at least an example piece of the world, one MCA file that has the problem. Or if you can create a fresh world, edit it and find out if the problem happens in it, too, then send that one.
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Hey xoft,

Quote:- those console errors most likely come from an old plugin, we're in the middle of replacing some internal APIs and plugins will need an update. Does the message still display if you disable all the plugins? Can you pinpoint which plugin causes the message?

The console errors come from the area-protection plugin. I disabled the plugin and the error messages disappeared.
Is there any way to fix this?
I also noticed a problem with Redstone. Some Redstone lines are deactivated after a server restart. If you remove a block above the Redstone, everything works again.

Because of the world files: I will send you a link to the files via pm.
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Hey Totti192,

I created a pull request which will fix the issue that you are having with the ProtectionArea plugin.
When that's merged you can update the plugin and it should stop displaying warnings.
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