Did not find an acceptable spawnpoint problem
I have a Cuberite installation set up and running on my Linux server. Everything seems to work properly except for modifying the spawn point in world.ini. No matter what I choose for the SpawnPosition values, the server throws the following error on every start up:

Did not find an acceptable spawnpoint. Generated a random spawnpoint position at {0.00, 168.00, 0.00}

Occasionally, I also receive the following error:

Bad block entity, missing the coords. Will be ignored.

The relevant sections in world.ini are as follows:



I am not sure if this is possibly relevant, but when executing "/kill" in-game, my character dies and respawns at the incorrect spawn point (I.e., (0, 168, 0)) but when executing "/spawn" my character is instead moved to correct spawn point (i.e., (-18, 64, -79)).

Furthermore, the spawn point I desire to set is inside a structure I have built. Are there clearance requirements on the spawn point?

I am hoping I have missed something simple, but could use some help.

Thank you.
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I can't say much about the first error, I'd have to thoroughly check the code first for that. For the second behavior, I can give you an explanation for that: Each player gets their own spawnpoint (so that when they use a bed, their spawnpoint updates, but no-one else's). That "bed position" is set for the player when they first join the world to that world's spawnpoint *at that moment* (and you most likely had the world's spawnpoint set to the {0, 168, 0} one at that moment). So the "kill" command brings you to your last bed position (which is the bad coords), while the "spawn" command teleports you to the (current) world spawn position.

To fix this, either edit your player's INI file, or just use a bed.

Hope this cleared it up Smile
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It looks like you were right! I should have mentioned that I am a sysadmin and not a Minecraft player until recently. I didn't know about this behaviour. Upon checking where a second, fresh, account spawns in, it's obvious the spawn location is where I intended it to be. Not sure what the errors are about in the log files, but I suppose if they aren't affecting gameplay, then I don't care.

Thanks for the help!
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I’m 99% sure that the first error isn’t happening in the Overworld but in The End.
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The spawn detection code also often fails in the nether, IIRC.
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