Cuberite Server on RaspberryPI
Dear Forum,

I have some problems and dont know how to change them, would be really nice if someone can help me.

Some Informations:

- Raspberry Pi 3 Modelll B, with small Linux Terminal VersionĀ 
- Small Minecraft Server with only max. 5 Players


1) I get the Message my Server will run in unsecured HTTP mode.

2) When i took amor on my skin, ther are no icons over my hearts and i get the same damage.

3) I want to have three different independent Worlds, two of them have to be survival one with easy and one with hard. The third is a creative world with flat land.
I created three differents world, but with the "/portal World_Creativ" I had the same inventory and the same gamemode.

4) How I can build nearly the Spawnpoint?

5) And why i cant use the green crafting book?

Would be really nice if someone can help me, thanks.


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Hello, welcome to the forum.

1, This is a message from the built-in HTTP server, on which you can access the WebAdmin. It is configured to try to run in HTTPS mode, but if it cannot find the certificate files, it will run in (unsecure) HTTP mode instead. This is not critical if your Cuberite runs on a home network and you don't access the WebAdmin from the outside internet, you can leave it as-is in such case. However, if you want to use WebAdmin from the outside internet (by port-forwarding the WebAdmin port on your NAT router), it is highly recommended that you set up HTTPS - in the "webadmin" folder use the "" script to generate a certificate, or you can use any tool of your choice instead to generate the cert.

2, Armor is not implemented yet (as is much of the fighting mechanics)

3, Once you assign a gamemode to a player (using the /gm command), they will stay in that gamemode no matter what world they go to. We might want to do something about that, open an issue on GitHub for this.

4, Only admins can build near the spawn. Rank yourself as an Admin.

5, No idea wht a "green crafting book" is, sorry.
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@xoft Armor is implemented, but there are some issues with it for 1.12 clients (

4) An alternative solution is to set 'ProtectRadius' to 0 in world.ini. (
5) The Recipe book isn't implemented yet in Cuberite.
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