I get a Message in the Console when a second player is joining. I will send a Screenshot now.

This Message is only when the second Player joins.

My second Question is, is there a log that can be delete automatically every 2 day? To get memory free?



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Also I cant add someone to the op, there i get the Message:
"[16:55:25] LUA: Plugins/Core/functions.lua:2: attempt to index local 'a_Player' (a nil value)
[16:55:25] Stack trace:
[16:55:25]   Plugins/Core/functions.lua(2): SendMessage
[16:55:25]   Plugins/Core/console.lua(320): (no name)
[16:55:25] Stack trace end
[16:55:25] Error in <attached> calling function <callback>()"

Where I can get the functions.lua?

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The error message is from a plugin, but we don't know which one. Try disabling plugins until you find out which one is responsible, then report here.

The log file is locked for the entire run of the server; there's not really much information logged there (except for your error, obviously, which normally doesn't happen) so we saw no point in implementing a log file rollover yet.

The third one is a bug in the Core plugin, it's trying to tell you "No admin rank found, missing * permission" but fails to do so. It seems you edited your permissions and now the Core plugin doesn't know which rank is the "admin". I assume you used the webadmin to edit ranks, so use it again, create a rank that has a permission "*", this will be what the Core then will use as admin rank. Anyway, please report this in the Core plugin's issue tracker:

@NiLSPACE: I think we should make the Core's "op" command even more user friendly - if it doesn't find a suitable admin rank, it should just create one.
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