Read Access Violation when game mode is creative
First time running cuberite from source. When I run in survival it's fine, but when I change the world to creative m_Client->GetPlayer() returns nullptr on line 865 in Protocol_1_9.cpp. By trade I'm a C# dev, but trying to get my c++ chops up by contributing to cuberite. I'm having a hard time tracing this bug. I assume there might be something wrong with my setup. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm on the head revision of master.

Some info.

OS: Windows 10 Pro
Compiler: Visual Studio Community 2017
Happens in Debug and Release mode. 

Player is null when checking if the game mode is creative.

// Protocol_1_9.cpp
cPacketizer Pkt(*this, GetPacketId(sendPlayerAbilities));  // Player Abilities packet
Byte Flags = 0;
cPlayer * Player = m_Client->GetPlayer();
if (Player->IsGameModeCreative())
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