Mobs idling sound
(08-12-2019, 10:35 AM)xoft Wrote: Before you start writing code, it's a good idea to brainstorm publicaly. Write what you want to do, how you plan on implementing it, what kind of interface. People will chime in with additional ideas about what the code should do, what the interface needs to cover, or just general useful stuff. You may find that your original idea lacks in some ways, or would be impossible to extend later on, etc.

An entire OS for Cuberite? Now I'm scaredTongue Linux variant number 284657495. What good is it to have an entire OS just for a single server?
I don't care about the name, and we don't really have any kind of copyright over it, other than "prior art". So name it away.

Okay, right now I'm just studying its code, trying to understand the implementation and messing with the code. lol.

About the OS, yes LOL, an entire distro only to run it. I work with embedded linux solutions, and I ended up creating this OS only to run it.

It is currently targeted to the RPI3, runs in 64bit mode kernel and userland (aarch64) pretty good. There is no GUI, no DE or etc, and it is easier to non-tech users to get it running,
you just burn the SD card and its done. Then the user can manage it using its web interface.

I'll push my build scripts and the pre-built version soon.
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