Native CMake in MSVC
Hello all,
has anyone succeeded building Cuberite using the native CMake support in MSVC?

According to the docs, MSVC 2017+ can directly open CMakeLists.txt and build from them. So I tried that, and it did read the project somehow. However, I couldn't make it build the tools and self tests (BUILD_TOOLS=1 SELFTEST=1 need to be passed to CMake for that). In my attempt to do that, I broke the entire thing.
I tried to edit the CMake configuration, the IDE opened some CMake-related JSON, in which there were entries for CMake parameters, among others. As soon as I changed them, all the projects and files disappeared, the IDE just said "parsing CMakeLists.txt" (although the CMake process terminated long ago) and wouldn't do anything. At one point I squeezed a single error log message out of it, "configuration Debug (default) is not valid", but couldn't find it again later on. In my opinion the entire CMake support is bolted on using hot glue, it doesn't seem to work except on trivial examples.

I tried this entire thing especially because it was promised that MSVC can build and debug CMake-based projects on a Linux, via SSH, when using the native support. I'd have liked that (although not sure if Cuberite would even build in such a scenario). So any help on this would be appreciated.
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