Guardian Anti Cheat
[b]What is Guardian Anti-Cheat?

Guardian is an anti-cheat plugin for Spigot servers that attempts to verify and enforce that players' actions follow vanilla Minecraft logic. On top of that, it also attempts to detect forms of input fabrication.

The project is currently open-sourced, therefore there won't be any customer support for the moment there is only a community support discord. If you have a bug, you can report it on the issues page on the GitHub repo, but don't expect 24/7 activity regarding issues. The project is mostly intended to be community-driven.


Guardian is 100% async, and utilizes multiple threads. This allows Guardian to run checks against hundreds of users with very little lag on the main server thread. This means that Guardian should not cause your server to lag and should not drop TPS, while also catching hackers and stopping them in there tracks.
- Aimbot (2 checks)

- AntiFire (1 check)
- Sneak (2 checks)
- Blink (1 check)
- Speed (10+ checks)
- FastBow (1 check)
- FastLadder (2 checks)
- Fly (10+ checks)
- AutoClicker (1 check)
- Jesus (4 checks)
- Kill Aura (9+ checks)
- NoClip (2 checks)
- NoFall (1 check)
- Scaffold (2 checks)
- Spider (2 check)
- Strafe (1 check)
- Phase (3 check)
- Timer (2 checks)
Guardian detections are advanced and constantly tested and updated. All of our checks go through extensive testing before being released in a Public build. We want to make sure that your legit player base is not affected while still actively punishing cheaters.

Guardian only requires protocol lib to get set up, and is extremely lightweight. This makes it easier for us to develop and easier for you to quickly install the plugin onto your server.

The commands are being re-added in the recode! We will post them here soon! Sorry for the inconvenience!

In the meantime everything can be managed from a simple config file.

Please Note: This plugin is based on cncp and there for making it a standalone plugin that you cannot use alongside other anti-cheats.

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Quite sure this is just for cuberite plugins not spigot or any other.
But i might be mistaken.
MCServer: - Online when possible, not when crashed or updating lol.
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Although non-Cuberite plugins have no place here, I'd like to use this opportunity to enquire about the checks this plugin makes. Can you go into a bit of a detail about each check? Suppose I am a starting server admin with no idea about what's out there, can you describe each threat and the mitigation by this plugin?

My motivation here is to have some ground on which to build a similar plugin for Cuberite. Since I truly have no idea about the available hacks, I'd like to learn about them and have them detected in Cuberite.
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