Changes to loot in generated Structures
This is just a collection of ideas from me and some issues.

As discussed here the Prefabs/PiecePool needs some changes to natively support loot (chest, furnace, dispenser,...)

Also the GalExport plugin would need some changes. to support the new features
  • export if there are loot containers in the structure
  • exporting the position of the blocks that need loot. No need to calculate that during generation
  • export which loottable to use/export custom loottable
    Note: The custom loot table could be quite messy on entring. I'm not quite shure about this

Things I would add to the Prefab/PiecePool are:

Things tied to this are:

Things I'd like to do while at it:
  • different growth steps in generated fields in villages. I don't know which class will do this at this point [issue]
  • Add new types of fields to villages (different crops) just by a new structure on the gallery server

Are there any other things I missed?

Do you have any notes?
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