Villages and changes in 1.14
(09-01-2021, 04:49 AM)tigerw Wrote: I personally lack the motivation and discipline to start from the beginning and make sure everything is implemented, and in the case of the world generator, the knowhow too. However other contributors are adding new features as you say, but it'll be slow going.

I agree. I attempted to implement new vanilla features and improve existing behavior for a while, but eventually had enough. It takes so much time and effort to replicate and test features, only to face a mountain of new functionality in the next version of Minecraft, developed by a large team of people with a full-time job. It's an endless cat-and-mouse game. While I still attempt to contribute to e.g. the Cuberite website and plugins when necessary, I started associating Minecraft with work, and no longer play the game as a result.

My opinion has always been to let people work on what they personally want to, instead of prioritizing features. We are all volunteers. If you want to see a specific feature, you'll likely have to spend the time learning the codebase and implementing it yourself.
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