How can I make something like the vanilla /fill command inside my plugin?
I'm running a small Server with minigames and I need a way to fill the layers of my spleef game after it has been played. I originally thought that I could just use /fill but I found out that that doesn't work because it isn't implemented yet. My idea is simple: /fill but as a plugin. There is one problem though: I've never coded in lua before. I have a bit of experience in Python and Bash but thats about it. I did a bit of research but all I could find was the "SetBlock" Function but I don't know how to make an command, get arguments and get it working with command blocks. Can anybody help me with that?
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Hi, welcome to the forum!

We've got a page explaining how to write your first Cuberite plugin here: Perhaps that will clear things up.

I'm not sure what /fill does, but if you want to change blocks the cWorld:SetBlock is a way to do it. There is also cBlockArea, but that's a bit more advanced.

I believe commandblocks can only execute console commands in Cuberite. They need a pretty large rewrite to become useable.
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