A Chinese Cuberite fork: Cuberite_dfgg
Lightweight, fast, and scalable Minecraft game servers
Cuberite_dfgg is a fork of Cuberite and is a Chinese Cuberite
Project sponsor: peg195
Currently, the project is still in progress and has not yet been fully completed
Warehouse address: https://gitee.com/dfggmc/cuberite_dfgg
Cuberite User Manual: https://book.cuberite.org
Cuberite Chinese Documentation: https://peg195.eu.org/2023/08/16/%E5%A6%...%E7%AB%AF/
It needs to be compiled for use, and there is currently no precompiled version
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This gitee thing is completely bonkers. Can't browse code without creating an account. Can't view commits without creating an account.
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(12-09-2023, 04:33 AM)XOFT的 Wrote: 这个 gitee 的东西完全是疯狂的。如果不创建帐户,则无法浏览代码。如果不创建帐户,则无法查看提交。

In China, you can only do this, either put up with gitee, or build your own gitlab, github is not accessible in China  Sad
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