Who are you?
So we all know you like minecraft and we all know you like computers but i thought it would be fun to get to know everyone a bit more and a pic if you wantTongue

heres me Smile

my names Tim (obviously) and i'm from the UK and 17 years old
im at college doing a-levels and next year will be starting a degree in software development Smile
picture: (im the one to the far left)
[Image: 166346_1403836435361_1815873091_758325_381232_n.jpg]

(Thought i would edit in the languages i code in as others have:p)
i code in: c++ and c# (to a certain extent), lua on mcserver (obviously) and lua on MultiTheftAuto, also php (+ sql and html of course Smile), visual basic, java and i think thats about it :p
now stop reading and postTongue
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My names Reece,

Im 17, I'm a complete geek if it technical and has a screen ive probably hacked it.

I do codeing in: PHP, VB, LUA, HTML, FLEX (AS3).

Intrests: Computers, Xbox's, Hacking, Developing, Games, Drinking, Smoking, Girlfreind.

Im a uk essex boy, born and bread i like to spend most of my time on my computer just creating new apps and other sh*t, I like to write lyrics in my free time, I study I.T Software Devlopment - C++ at college.

I spend most of my time with my girlfreind, or on the pc, or out with my mates drinking.

I'm not some rebal i just enjoy a laugh.

Facebook: recox99@hotmail.com

[Image: 13309_10150126601340187_648735186_115531...n.jpg?dl=1]

And heres what happens when i smoke:

[Image: 13309_10150126601310187_648735186_115531...n.jpg?dl=1]

Need any pc help or anything else contact me.

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I guess I have to feel pretty ancient. I'm 28. I'm a network engineer for the US military(civilian though), living in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I don't have any pics handy, so I can't post one.

When I'm not playing minecraft I like messing around on xbox or getting in to weird movies. I get in to muay thai too so it's not all sedentary.
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