OnTakeDamage who is the cause?

I want to stop people who arent logged in,
Not be able to cause damage.
But there is no Player:GetName() its something i need.
I guess Pawn is cPlayer when the player is hit its also what i need.

But i have no way to check what is causing the damage.
Or even a way to damage the person who is causing the damage.

What some future plugins might need for who knows.
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Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. And wrong once again.
(sorry, I'm just enjoying it)

There is cPlayer:GetName(), more than that - it works (look at playerlist in webadmin).
cPawn could be cPlayer and could NOT be a cPlayer as well. Use cEntity:GetEntityType() to check if you're dealing with player. There is some trick I can't remember now to get a cPlayer instance from your cPawn instance.

And sorry, but you have a way to check what's causing damage. It's inside TakeDamageInfo.

But I'm wondering if you actually want your not-logged-in players to be prevented from just making damage to other players and what for you want it that way. Could be much easier to cancel left-click with OnBlockDig hook.
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