PiCraft - Minecraft server running on the Pi
PiCraft is a Minecraft Server run on a Raspberry Pi. It serves no purpose other than to demonstate what the Pi is capable of.

Why are you doing this?
Because why not? I have a raspberry Pi, I have to do something with it!

How does it work?
The normal Minecraft server is written in java. Java can be a memory hog, which isn't good on a low ram system such as the Raspberry Pi. So I use a version of MCServer, an open source Minecraft server, which I compiled on my Pi.

Since I'm not using the official Minecraft server, there may be some features missing.

How many players can it handle?
I don't honestly know! I'm going to start the server off with 10 slots - this might be increased or decreased as time goes on.

Join the server! The IP is picraft.dyndns.org Smile Assuming my Pi doesn't crash it's running 24/7!
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This server is cool! You should use my pre-compiled MCServer; updating on a cronjob.

Forum post is: https://forum.cuberite.org/showthread.php?tid=538
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I'd suggest switching from classic fluid simulators to floody. classic has been known to crash servers; floody should be well-behaved and also is a bit more predictable Smile
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Are you still interested in running this? If not, I'll remove the thread.
edit: Inactive MCServers will not be removed.
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