Plugin Suggestions (Please Don't Ban Me for Suggestions this time :) )

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Anyone good with plugins these are some good examples of plugins that could be brought over that appear to be very popular and successful, and that I feel would be a good selection to bring in to the MCServer life.

Precious Stones(Player Placed Radius Protection Defined by Block)

Lockette (Signs that lock doors /chests etc |also act as a way to make iron doors open and double doors function with out redstone)

___Admins Favor___

Variable Triggers (This ones just awesome and needs to be brought over)

Herochat (Zone|Channel based chatting)

Wireless Redstone (I know this needs redstone fixed first)

Citizens (Custom NPC's can be Shops/Quests/Mobs/Bosses/Denizens)

Vanish No-Packet(Custom Fakejoins and quits with vanishing while ingame with effects)

Autorank (A system based on time played to rank up for more permissions)

and if the permission system could be a bit simpler like this
PEX (Ability to use MySQL or SQLite w/ group based inheritance permissions)

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