Keep chunk loaded.

I was wondering is it possible for plugins to mark chunks as keep loaded ?
As for stuff like redstone when finished you sometimes might want a chunk to stay loaded so it keeps doing the stuff it needs to do.

For stuff like bukkit there is stuff like that really useful!
But mcserver does not have full redstone,

But it might be nice for future stuff to be able to let a plugin make a chunk loaded at all time.

Simple plugin could do if sign has [Chunk Loaded]
On line 1 it can mark it as to not unloaded and of course later again to do unload it normaly.

Just a thought.
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Chunks kept loaded: possible and already considered. Half-implemented in the cChunkStay object, but it's not exported to the Lua API
Sign marking: not such a good idea. Needs to be more flexible, an on/off switch. Maybe rclk with an enchanted stick or something similar.
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The sign marking was just a sample.
But it would still be a nice feature for the future when redstone is properly working.
And the mobs of course as well.
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isn't it alrealdy possible using the OnChunkUnloading hook?
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