MCServer r175

I kinda lost track of all the changes, but here goesTongue

  • Burning monsters/players when touching lava
  • Fixed a very bad error that probably caused lots of crashes in last release
  • Fixed A CRAPLOAD of warnings which suddenly appeared when using warning level 4 in Visual Studio.
  • Fixed more warnings/errors/tips pointed out by CppCheck Pretty cool program.
  • Removed some excessive logging

At time of writing, only a release for Windows, but I'll try to compile for Linux ASAP.
And thanks to Duralex for all the monster stuffsBig Grin

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Alright, linux version is also up
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Aaand Mac is up as well!Big Grin
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will check it out in a bit Smile
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You are my hero this is so much fun!
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Here are a few extra compiled binaries:

Scientific Linux 6 i686 32bit ( RHEL 6 ) - Download
CentOS 5.5 i686 32bit ( RHEL 5.5 ) - Download
Ububntu Server 10.10 i686 32bit - Download
Debian 5 x86_64 64bit - Download
Debian 6 i686 32bit - Download
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