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Portal v2 - JonnyBoy0719 - 10-11-2015

Original plugin Portal v1 was created by Taugeshtu.


This plugin will allow you to set the positions where you want a portal, and how big it should be. It can be used for local world teleportation, or world to world teleportation.


[Image: X6AVgPS.png]
[Image: uSMLtkZ.png]
[Image: 2015-10-11_03.23.11.png]
[Image: 2015-10-11_03.23.29.png]
[Image: 2015-10-11_03.22.29.png]



  • /ptoggle -- Switches to volume selection mode; Enables or disables the selection mode, when enabled, you can create your portals
  • /pwarp <id> -- Creates warp point with given name; This will create the actual portal, but it will only work if you have made a proper portal volume
  • /penter <id> <target_id> -- Connects 2 portals together; This will make sure this portal will connect to another portal (if it exists)
  • /pdest <id> -- Create the destination for a portal ID; This will create the actual teleportation destination when you enter this portal


  • Taugeshtu -- for the original plugin back in 2012
  • JonnyBoy0719 -- Redoing some of the code, and re-writing the system to read ini files instead of .bat file and other small issues


Its available on my GitHub page!

RE: Portal v2 - Leopoldseb - 12-06-2015

Can I make it let you teleport between two completly different worlds somehow?

RE: Portal v2 - Rekuen - 12-13-2015

(12-06-2015, 05:31 PM)Leopoldseb Wrote: Can I make it let you teleport between two completly different worlds somehow?

I have the same question, I have one world with the lobby, and I would like my players to be able to teleport to other worlds from this one, is this possible running only one instance of MCServer?

RE: Portal v2 - DaPorkchop - 12-17-2015

Awesome! Would it be possible to add BungeeCord support? (walk through portal and ur in skyblock)

RE: Portal v2 - Seadragon91 - 01-26-2016

I had no success, in getting portals to work. Also it throws errors at using.

RE: Portal v2 - AntiDefender - 01-28-2016

I got this error trying the "pwarp" command. Please fix it.

[12:24:54] LUA: Plugins/Portal/portal_main.lua:117: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
[12:24:54] Stack trace:
[12:24:54] Plugins/Portal/portal_main.lua(117): (no name)
[12:24:54] Stack trace end
[12:24:54] Error in plugin Portal calling function <callback>()
[12:25:31] LUA: Plugins/Portal/portal_functions.lua:43: attempt to index field 'point1' (a nil value)
[12:25:31] Stack trace:
[12:25:31] Plugins/Portal/portal_functions.lua(43): (no name)
[12:25:31] Stack trace end
[12:25:31] Error in plugin Portal calling function <callback>()

RE: Portal v2 - JonnyBoy0719 - 06-04-2016

Hey everyone, sorry for my long absence, got busy with life. But I have updated the code to v2.0.4!

The "index field '?'" and "point1" nil values has been fixed, noticed that it was missing some nil value checking.

And to get the portals to work, you need to use /ptoggle to enable the 'sword wand' and then click 2 time to create a 'portal volume'. When that's done, you create the portal itself with /pwarp. To set the destination for that portal, use /pdest.

To connect 2 portals, you just write /penter, and yes, these works trough worlds. Smile

RE: Portal v2 - yangm97 - 11-07-2016

Could you implement the netherportal particles, or water, or lava, so portals don't look empty? SpigotMC CreativeGates lets you choose between the three, but just the portal particles would be fine.