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How to override physics? - TC1061 - 01-13-2018

How to override physics in Cuberite? Is there any hook to do this? For example:
function OnBlockFalling(Block,x,y,z)
  if IsFallingEnabled then
   ¬†return false -- Allow block to fall
  ¬† return true -- Prevent block from falling

function EntityPhysicsTick(Entity,dx,dy,dz)
  -- Do something
  return true -- Do not call any other plugins

RE: How to override physics? - xoft - 01-14-2018

There's currently no direct way to override physics, sorry. WHat you could, theoretically, do, is the hard way - intercept the cFallingBlock entity creation, don't let Cuberite create the entity and possibly re-set the block back, if Cuberite / client doesn't do that on its own. As for entities / mobs, there's not much to intercept, really, because we still need proper code refactor for all entities before sticking things out through an API that could potentially become very obsolete soon(ish).