This is probably already made but I'd like to contribute!
What is BlockPBProtection?
It is a "Block Place/Break Protection" plugin.
It is easily expandable. All you have to do is add the block you want to get rid of(7 and 2 are currently put into the script right now[2 is grass block so I suggest removing that]) and declare how many bad blocks did you put into the array.
It has scaling intensity. If the player has been detected placing/breaking such block, with what ever intensity mode it is on it will enact it's rage onto the player(The script currently has kick as intensity level 1 and has yet to add more intensity levels).
It notifies the server/admins and logs the player and the Block ID.

Note: This was made in a quick time. I would like feedback though. My first time in Lua and making a plugin.
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Quote: I would like feedback though.
You can use #BadBlocks instead of NumberofBadBlocks in the for loops.
I think you can better use OnPlayerRightClick and OnPlayerLeftClick for the hooks becouse now you can still use buckets etc.
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