Sign Color
The plugin allows you to write on the signs with colored symbols.
The basis taking STR_Warrior plugin

How to use
To write colored symbols mark an @ <tag color> front of the desired word / symbol
Tag color you can see below


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Thanks given by: xoft , tonibm19
I didnt know you could use colors in signs.
Good work, will test this when turning on computer.
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Litle tip: I see you made a table called 'tp', and it seems it doesn't get used. You could delete it Wink

Also you use
	PluginManager = cRoot:Get():GetPluginManager()
in the initialize function but you never use 'PluginManager'. You could remove that line.
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Nice work. But isn't it already possible to put colors on signs simply by putting a § in front of it?
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Not everyone knows how to 'type' a §. (at least I don't know)
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Thou cannot typst a section sign within minceraft, but normally, it be ALT+0167 on the number pad.
Thanks given by: NiLSPACE

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