DoorMaze plugin
This plugin will allow players to create mazes out of doors around other players. The maze's doors cannot be toggled nor broken, and will toggle randomly by themselves, creating a living labyrinth.
[Image: doormaze.png]

/doormaze <playername>
- Creates a door maze around the specified player. If no playername given, the maze is created around the player issuing the command
- Needs permission "doormaze.create"

/undoormaze <playername>
- Removes a door maze around the specified player. If no playername given, the maze around the player issuing the command is removed. If there are multiple overlapping mazes, only one of them is removed.
- Needs permission "doormaze.delete"

Download the zip or tgz from the GitHub release page and unpack in your Plugins folder.

The sources are available through GitHub:
The sources are public domain.

This plugin's source code provides the following examples:
- Refusing a player's right-click action (repairing the toggled door) and digging
- Reading from an XML file using LuaExpat
- Plugin squashing: not using the Initialize() function
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Why dont male this configurable (create any block maze).
Imagine a living parkour circuit.
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Doors have the built-in togglability, while other blocks don't. And they can be put next to each other and the player can still walk around them. I can't quite imagine what would happen if we tried a live maze with a solid block, and two blocks just materialized in the place where a player is standing - what then?
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The player gets pushed out Smile
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