This allows you to create arena's. In there two teams of players battle each other by throwing snowballs to each other. When a player gets hit by a snowball from another team member the player will be teleported to a spawnpoint wich is set up by the server admin.

Basicly in short you have:
  • Multiple arena's. You can create an arena by using: "/pb create {ArenaName}"
  • Each arena has his own lobby. In there the players will be teleported if they get hit or join the arena. You can use "/pb lobby {ArenaName}" to teleport to the lobby.
  • Players will be teleported to the lobby when they first join or die in an arena.
  • You have 2 teams (Or 3 if you count the Spectators). Team Red and Blue shoot snowballs to each other.

  • /pb
    • select {ArenaName}
      You use this command to select an arena. In the selected arena you can add spawnpoints.
    • create {ArenaName}
      Creates an new arena. The position you are while you are using this command will be the position for the lobby.
    • lobby {ArenaName}
      Teleports you to the given arena lobby.
    • add {Team|Red, Blue or Spectator}
      Adds a new spawnpoint for the given team.
    • join {ArenaName} <Team>
      When a player uses this command with an arena that exists he will be teleported to the lobby of the arena and he's have to wait for the match to start. If the player also gave a team and "PlayerCanChooseTeam" is set to true in the configuration the player will be asigned to the given team.
    • leave
      The player leaves the given arena. He also gets teleported to the lobby of the arena.
    • list
      Lists all the available arenas.

  • General
    • MaxPlayersNeeded
      The value given will be halved and each time a player joins an arena the plugin checks if each team has at least that amount of players.
  • Game
    • AmountGivenSnowballs
      When an arena starts all the players will receive an certain amount of snowballs that is set here.
    • DeathsNeeded
      When a player is hit by a snowball he will "Die". When he died a certain amount of time he will be teleported to the lobby and won't be able to play until the arena restarts.
    • PlayerCanChooseTeam
      If this is set to false a player can't choose between teams and always join a random team. Otherwise a player can give another parameter to the "/pb join" command. This can be Red, Blue or spectator.

  • Nothing

  • None Please report them

Source: here
Download: here
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The server saves the inventory now Smile.
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Does it save enchantments also?

I saw the code and it seems it does.
But, if server restarts or crash, is the inventory saved?
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It should do it. I used cInventory::CopyToItems(cItems). It doesn't save all the empty slots, but it does the job.

(03-15-2014, 09:16 PM)tonibm19 Wrote: I saw the code and it seems it does.
But, if server restarts or crash, is the inventory saved?

If the server crashes then there is nothing I can do, but when the server reloads, restarts or stops the OnDisable function gets called which stops all the arenas and gives all the players their inventory back.
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Can you create something like this except for Hunger Games/Survival Games? I really need it for my server.
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I could try Wink
There is one problem though. I only played Hunger Games 2 or 3 times Wink. I have seen allot of videos so I'll hope I can remember how it is played Wink
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The Hunger Games Minigame is based on the adventure novels "The Hunger Games".
"Hunger Games" is a gamemode, where u have to fight against X opponent.
The Players have to kill each other until one Player survive and win the game.
At the start of a game, the player spawn in a circile around a "cornucopia" with loot that helps the player to survive in the battle.
Players can only destro gras/leaves ect. but no solid blocks.
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You can just look at Bukkit's plugin features and replicate it. You should also make it compatible with MultiWorld.

P.S: Where can I find the MultiWorld plugin for MC-Server?
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MultiWorld is baked into MCServer, not as a plugin. However, it doesn't work that great ATM - sometimes you crash when you change worlds and I haven't managed to get the command to change world at all!
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You people speak of crashes, yet there are NO crash reports, no stacktraces, no crashdumps, nada. How am I supposed to fix things if I don't even know about them?
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