MCServer r178

Phew, it took me a while, but there are lots of changesBig Grin

  • New terrain generation algorithm
  • New save format, WAY smaller AND FASTERBig Grin
  • No more genmap.bin
  • Worlds have seeds now, which can be changed (in world/world.ini)
  • Some terrain gen options can be set in terrain.ini
  • Ores now drop the ore blocks instead of refined materials
  • Saplings grow into trees (still very crappy, and there's no way to get saplings lol)
  • Finally got the MultiBlock packet thing to work, this makes large operations such as cuboid/worldedit operations MUCH faster, as well as falling sand etc.
  • No more invisible players (afaik)
  • Fixed a timer bug where the server time would not be sent to the clients anymore after a while.
  • Fixed some crash bugs
  • Fixed a small memory leak
  • Added a reload button in WebAdmin to reload all plugins
  • Changed main WebAdmin page a bit
  • Added IsInGroup() function to cPlayer, to check if a player is in a certain group
  • Using JSON for entity data at end of chunk data (see save format specification after I update it XD )
  • Made cWorld:FastSetBlock() even faster
  • Chunks around [0,0,0] are no longer loaded for no reason
  • Block health is not transferred properly to pickups and back to inventory after pickup (afaik)
  • Updated Core to Version5 (added /ban and /unban and /help has pages now!)
  • Fixed some crash vulnerabilities in MCServer (Thanks Tim!)
  • Fixed some exploits/bugs in the login sequence
  • Perhaps the VC++ runtime executables are no longer needed under Windows

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Here is a build for Mac OS X: Download Here
(Built on 10.7 but should work fine on 10.6x)

Here is a build for Linux (32bit) dynamically linked: Download Here
Here is a build for Linux (32bit) statically linked: Download Here
(Built on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS)

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Thanks a lot BenBig Grin
Uploaded Mac and Linux versions now
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Smile will take a look soon
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