[OLD] Auth Rev 5
Auth is aimed towards the protection of the players while a server is running in offline-mode. When enabled, this plugin will prevent players from doing virtually anything until they have properly authenticated themselves.

In the event that a player joins a server with a name that is not registered, they will be asked to register this name before being able to play. If a player joins a server with a name that has already been registered, they will have to properly authenticate him or herself before being able to play.

  • Warning no password encrypt
  • Requires players to register / log in before being able to:
    - Move
    - Chat
    - Give / receive damage (god mod if not logged)
  • Passwords are stored securely with md5 encryption (Need server update)
  • Notifies the player when attempting an illegal action while not authenticated
  • Permissions support
  • The minimum size of password is 5 and the maximum size is 15
  • You can change your password
  • Password and offline player pos saved in users.ini

Known Bugs
  • Die when loggin far aways of spawn: Problem with Player:TeleportTo()
  • Users.ini file must not be absent or empty

Commands and permissions
  • /command - [arguments] - Sample description ----------------------------- permission ---------------- Recommended for
  • /register - [Password] - Register with the password ----------------------- auth.register -------------- Users
  • /changepass - [Old Password] [New Password] - Change pass ---------- auth.changepass --------- Users
  • /login - [Password] - Login with the password ------------------------------ auth.login ----------------- Users
  • /l - [Password] - Login with the password ------------------------------------auth.login ----------------- Users


Rev 5

Last rev

To do
  • md5 encryption (Need server update)
  • Requires players to register / log in before being able to:
    - Execute commands (No idea to implemente it, if someone have a idea)
    - Break, place, or interact with blocks/containers
    - Drop, use, or pickup items
    - hides the entire inventory
  • Fix variables
  • Fix know bugs
  • Web interface

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I`m Very need this plugin!!!!
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Yes but I have fome bug before the release :p Only one player can login...
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Sounds good to me Smile only thing I will say - I dont know if you didnt think of it or just didnt add it to the list but you should probably add in a feature of not being able to drop items/destroy & place blocks until logged in Smile
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It is expected but I do not know how.
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Since I fixed the support page, please add feature requests for each hook you need and I'll try to add them
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plz. give me alpha version of this plugin. Players a wait when i install a server
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First release, please report bug here. (look Known Bugs before)
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Thx, i`ll try it on my server
hmm..it does not working for me. When i tried to type /register 1234f5, plugin dont showed me anything... After that i tried to move, plugin said me "You must login to do that", ok, i tried to login and... nothing...
Some ideas?

sorry if my english is bad
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You can still use commands if you are not logged in
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