Non-posted plugin list [+5 plugins]
So, I noticed there are usable plugins in github that aren't published here, maybe because they're not finished or they're not big enough to be posted here.
I guess this list could help some people to find the plugins they need.
Plugin list:
CraftMaker - STR_Warrior
Create your own crafting recipes!
Magic - STR_Warrior
Fairy Tail in Minecraft!Big Grin
WorldUtilities - STR_Warrior
Manange your world's weather
WorldWarp - STR_Warrior
Create, import and move between worlds.
Essentials - tonibm19
Add homes, warps, jails and more commands to your server.
SimpleXP - tonibm19
Earn xp mining ores.
SkyShop - tonibm19
Interchanges shop system, made for SkyBlock.
DisguiseCraft - tonibm19
Disguise as a mob!
Fixes - tonibm19
Fixes some core MCS bugs (too much hunger, respawn bug)

Did I miss any plugin? Say me, and if you want to add your plugin or remove it, just comment.
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CraftMaker is more for development. You have to manually put the recipes in the crafting.txt file.

People should keep in mind that most plugins (at least mine) are not released because they might not work properly, they are not complete, or they are not made for normal server use (like CraftMaker).

EDIT by xoft: fixed grammar and logic (plugins -> recipes)
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If you want me to remove them tell me, I just thought this thread could help some people.
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Added Fixes plugin
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I removed Execute from this list, because I did make a post for it here on the forum: Smile
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I'm having a problem fixing DisguiseCraft after StringToMobType remove.
function HandleDisguiseCommand(Split, Player)
    if Split[2] == nil then
        Player:SendMessageInfo("Usage: /d [mobtype]")
        Mob = cMonster:StringToMobType(Split[2])
        if Mob == mtInvalidType then
            Player:SendMessageFailure("Invalid mob type")
            mobid[Player:GetName()] = Player:GetWorld():SpawnMob(Player:GetPosX(), Player:GetPosY(), Player:GetPosZ(), Mob) --The line which gives error--
    return true

[20:34:44] LUA: Plugins/DisguiseCraft/main.lua:42: error in function 'SpawnMob'.

     argument #70622632 is array of '[no object]'; array of 'á<§☻♣☺' expected.

[20:34:44] Stack trace:
[20:34:44]   [C](-1): SpawnMob
[20:34:44]   Plugins/DisguiseCraft/main.lua(42): (no name)
[20:34:44] Stack trace end
[20:34:44] Error in plugin DisguiseCraft calling function <callback>()
If I print the mob variable using /d sheep it prints 91 so I see no problem with this Undecided
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The error message seems truly garbled - seventy million arguments??? Could be an error in the SpawnMob bindings.
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DisguiseCraft updated to work properly with latest MCServer!Big Grin

Thanks for fixing the MCServer bug.
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Essentials gave two errors. /msg and /tphere already in use. I removed those entries out of my local copy of Info.lua and no more warning/error messages.
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Is /tphere in Core? D:, I didn't know.
/msg is there because Essentials has the /r command (quick answer), and it doesn't work with Core /msg
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