Lua Engine - failure?
I'm wathing the log of my server on my second screen.
I realized that everytime I using the workbench I get this message:

[13:25:33] Lua engine: attempting to push a plain pointer, pushing nil instead.
[13:25:33] This indicates an unimplemented part of MCS bindings
[13:25:33] Stack trace:
[13:25:33] Stack trace end

Now I just saw that:

cEvent: waiting for the event failed: -1, err = 110: Connection timed out. Continuing, but server may be unstable.

Do I have to worry?
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The first part is a legitimate issue, best reported on GitHub.

The cEvent part is interesting. What OS are you using? It could be a serious issue, and it could be nothing. Could you compile from sources and run under a debugger, to pinpoint where this happens?
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It's Raspian on a Banana Pi. Latest Version.

I'd like to help you but could you please give me more detailed oders?
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I'm not good enough with Linux to guide you here, perhaps someone with more Linux experience can chime in? @worktycho? @Howaner?

Basically, you need to download the sources using git, then compile them in debug mode using cmake and g++, and finally use gdb to set a breakpoint on that specific line in the Event.cpp source and wait for it to be hit, to see at least the stacktrace. You can find the compiling instructions in the file: but setting gdb breakpoints is beyond my current expertise level.
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