IRChat - IRC chat bridge!
IRC <-> chat bridge.

Console commands
  • ircc - connect to the irc
  • ircd - disconnect from the irc
  • ircr - send raw irc commands
  • NickServ authentication
  • Web admin chat integration
  • Broadcasting player deaths
  • Broadcasting joins / leaves (both from irc and in-game)
  • Relays messages from irc to players and the other way around
  • API for custom endpoints, censorship and more (Example: )
  • Endpoints (Configuration where to relay what, You can even make IRC Channel <-> IRC Channel links!)
  • IRC Commands (You can list them all with .help, and it's easy to write your own - after adding command code,
    place necessary metadata in the Info.lua file)
You can find the config file in ./Plugins/IRChat/Config.lua


I only tested this on espernet, so i'm looking for people willing to try this and report any issues. Smile
If something isn't working, change debug to true in the config file, and paste your log here.
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That's awesomeBig Grin Many people requested this Smile
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That was fast! I didn't expect plugins using the cNetwork API to emerge this soon Smile
I guess we did a good job with the interface.
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The interface is nice, indeed.
Only missing part atm is the documentation.Tongue
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It is documented:
Or is there something specific you're missing there? (the TLS methods are not yet on the web, but the documentation is in place, I just didn't have time to update the web)
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That's great, thanks! Smile
I was refering to the TLS / Close methods.

As a side note, is there any way to capture console output from a plugin?
I'm looking for a way to create private irc channels that could be used for simple management.
And there was some talk about a plugin repo, what's happening with that?
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I've added two things:
Endpoints - configuration for what and where data is being relayed,
this also means you can relay chat/events to more than one channel or even from one channel to another!
IRC Commands - only .players for now
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I'm wondering. Do you have this plugin hooked into the Core's webadmin?
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Nope. I'm not really convinced it'd be more useful than simple config file.
And, it'd be additional work to do. Sad
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No I mean the webchat Smile

But it would be some additional work Wink
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