Realshop2 Clone

Chest Based
Commandless for shoppers
Instant Purchase (cancels moving if not enough cash)
Built in Auto Stock Market
Transform your chests into shop (/rshop commands, or /rs shortcuts)
Players can buy / sell items without having to type any chat /command, simply as if they use any other chest
Built-in economy feature (/mny commands)
Optional market prices daily auto-calculation
Different prices for purchases / sales and for different merchants
Supports multi-worlds
Supports big chests
Supports items variants (ie damage codes, wools colors)
Supports permissions plugins (Permissions, native Bukkit permissions or minecraft's op / player)
Multi-language support (add yours !)
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I googled the original RealShop. Since I couldn't really get the picture of this, and why it required Spout, Is there any videos?
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here is an old video, but it shows what it needs to

spout is used to control the chest animation, allow for instant transactions and to stop some forms of stealing.
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