Color codes and chunks
Hello, today I am going to show you all of the Minecraft color codes. These codes can be used to make your nickname or your chat colored! This will only work for donators. Sorry non-donators, you can still use these color codes for your pet's name In the main spawn.
For example you could do &4RandomPerson ▪ RandomPerson

These colors will look different In the game ▪ Light red and Gold

Boring typing color codes check Minecraft color code generator

Red ▪ &4

Light red ▪ &c

Yellow ▪ &e

Gold ▪ &6

Green ▪ &2

Light green ▪ &a

Light blue ▪ &b

Teal ▪ &3

Blue ▪ &1

Indigo ▪ &9

Light purple ▪ &d

Purple ▪ &5

White ▪ &f

Light grey ▪ &7

Grey ▪ &8

Black ▪ &0
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Wow this is fantastic!
i loved it thanks for sharing!

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