How to negate the @
So trying to edit my MOTD and add an email address for players for contact to report bugs etc....

but everytime I put @ it changes to the color that the first letter of the email links with the @. so like in linux or php or most any language whats the way I can use the @ symbol as just an @ that is sitting beside a letter used in the color codes....

example returns the MOTD > Hey email bug reports to

how it should function is similar to linux folders when designating the next area is a space with a \ (can be any usable symbol does not have to be a slash)

vi /home/user/Folder\ with\ spaces\ in\ it/somefile.txt

So for the MOTD it would be:
email@\ > Hey email bug reports to

if this is in the game how do I accomplish this?

If this is NOT in the game can it be added?

Edit: Had to do a few edits to add missing parts that in my head I said I already typed.
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I'll look into it tomorrow. It should be fairly simple to fix.
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I've fixed it in

You can use "@@" to get a single "@"
And it's merged into the core.
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