[Failed, horrible post] Cydia
I give up, I wrote this post a couple of months ago. The content on this updated post is horrifying. My coding was horrible; I've improved. Check out my newer plugins!
now a full package, with a update manager.

Cydia allows pastebin plugin insertion in-game by operators, this also allows to run lua code in-game real-time. This also comes with a update manager, that allows specified compatible plugins to notify the server on if a new version has been released, you are on the latest version, or if there is something wrong with the plugin.

Downloads are available in the Plugin Repository. Unzip and put the contents in the plugins folder.

Source Code
Source Code is at GitHub at these repositories; CydiaLoader: https://github.com/GlassSources/CydiaLoader/
CydiaManage: https://github.com/GlassSources/CydiaManager/

Please enjoy! If there is a issue, there is a tutorial on how to report issues below.

Issue Reporting
If there is a issue, please look at the console. If CydiaManage is causing it, please report at the CydiaManage Issue Reporter. CydiaLoader is the same, but instead of the CydiaManage repository, go to the CydiaLoader repository.

Otherwise, if you cannot tell; please report the issue by replying to this topic.[/spoiler]
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Nice idea, though you don't need LuaSocket. You can use the cNetwork class for internet connections.
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Actually, you shouldn't be using LuaSocket because it's blocking, so your plugin is producing a lot of server lag, possibly even triggering the deadlock detector code.
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Sorry, I didn't see the cNetwork class. Fixing it!
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Okay, I fixed the issue.. (possibly) I won't be releasing it, before I know it's stable. Check out GitHub for the new build! (dev branch)
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This build patches a small problematic variable for the console commands.

This also adds console command compatibility to the /cydia and /luapackage command.

This is not a full release, and is only a minor edit to the development build in the development branch in the GitHub Repo. (this is just a commit update.)
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CydiaLoader has been updated in the dev branch from the cuberite plugin load failure and web downloader fix.

(this is a commit update.)

this is not a official release. please test, if this build is a success, it will be published!
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About the dev branch. You connect to a web server with "GET <Page> HTTP/1.0\r\n", so instead of
cNetwork:Connect("http://pastebin.com/index.php<everything else>", 80, Callbacks)

You use
local Page = Split[2]
local MyCallbacks = {
    OnConnected = function (a_Link)
        a_Link:Send("GET " .. Page .. " HTTP/1.0\r\n")

    OnReceivedData = function (a_Link, a_Data)
        Player:SendMessage("[CYDIA] Script recieved!")
        code = a_Data

    -- Other callbacks
cNetwork:Connect("pastebin.com", 80, MyCallbacks)
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RCE, it's not a bug, it's a feature!
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Releasing or (if you're from after I edited the plugin repo post) released the second version.

+ cNetwork Code Changes
- LuaSocket Requirement
+ Console Commands
+ Fixed Bugs
+ Additonal Commands

probably gonna add alias commands, if there are no suggestions...

EDIT: please also note that I have released build 4 of the gold master on the second version in GitHub.

This plugin's version management is by BUILD. (just a notification)
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