I do not see a skywars plugin.
And i like SkyWars

PS:sorry for my bad english i come from the netherlands
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Yay, a skywars plugin would be awesome.
Im addicted to skywars.
Combustible lemons and potato batteries, that's the future.Big Grin
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Could you describe the plugin? I have no idea what a "skywars" plugin is.

I'm from the Netherlands as well, so if you want I can translate your description.
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Hoi NilSpace

Ik ben wel een beetje slecht in Engels dus dankjewel.
Nou een SkyWars is een plugin voor een game net zo als PantBall en HungerGames alleen is deze natuurlijk anders.
Iedereen begint op een apart eilandje in een koker na wat aftellen val je uit je koker op je eiland. Op je eiland zitten chesten met spullen erin (diamant zwaard armor enz) met die spullen kan je naar ander manse eilandjes gaan en hun killen voor spullen als iedereen dood is op een na heeft die gewonnen. O ja als plugin zou ik doen dat je spawnpoints kan neerzetten als admin en een arena selecteren. En het is handig als net bij joun hungergames plugin de chesten automatisch worden gevuld

Groetjes, Pelle
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Thanks, I'll translate it tomorrow, because it's a little hard to do on a phone.
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TRANSLATION Wrote:Well, a SkyWars is a plugin just like Paintball and HungerGames but of course different.
Everyone starts on their own island in a drum, and after a countdown you fall out of the drum on your island. On your island there are chests with items in it (diamond swords and armor etc). With these items you can go to the island of other players to kill them and get their items. The last man standing wins.
I'd make it so that admins can set spawnpoints in an arena. And it would be useful to automatically refill the chests.

I think it would be really cool if we regenerate the complete arena. Place some random island with chests on it and teleport the player to it.
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Here's the basic idea of a SkyWars map:

You have a number of islands all surrounding one central island. Each island has 1 spawn point, plus a chest and a bed (only in some versions). The chest contains beginner items, including stone/cobblestone. One central island is home to a larger number of chests containing much more powerful items. Players have to get between the islands and fill all other players. This is normally made easier by the islands essentially being 'floating' above a void.

All the plugin should do: Handle start/stop of a round, and remember arena definitions, as well as resetting the arena between games. Spawn points should just be remembered as coordinates, and there should be a command to set them, as well as a "lobby", "spectator", and "dead" area. The plugin should also handle a few player fail safes such as AFK kicking, what happens when a player logs out mid-game, etc. Luckily, unlike some other minigames, Skywars ONLY cares about player deaths, so it would be one of the easiest to write a plugin for.

When I mentioned beds earlier: Some versions of Sky Wars allow you to keep respawning so long as you have a bed (without inventory keeping). This means that players have to destroy other players beds in addition to killing them, adding another layer. For this one to be done, you'd need to set the players personal spawn there, without requiring them to sleep in the bed.
I sometimes write plugins! But I've not really "published" any of them, except my first, and worst, one. Feel free to explore my stuff here: my github page
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Hey I have played Skywars many times and I know it well enough.
I'll try to build a plugin for playing it, however it might took me a bit time. So please be patient Wink

But if you have any idea you think it'd be cool in this plugin notify me!!
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