World Jump
I'm making a server that is including the movecraft. The server is going to be based in space and I need a way for players to travel to planets for various tasks. Anyways in order for my players to go to planets I need a plugin that will copy the movecraft ship and paste it into designated landing zones.

All that this plugin will do is copy the movecraft ship when it gets in a certain radius of a planet and paste it somewhere else. I need the plugin compatible with muiltiverse core too.

The commands

/WJ create (name) - this will create a WJ

/WJ set pos1 (name of WJ) (radius) - this will set the radius around the planet so if someone goes into that radius they will get teleported to the landing radius.

/WJ set landing (name of the WJ) (radius) - this will set the radius of the possible place your craft can spawn, the radius of the landing will determine where you land (this is random but it has to be in the radius)

/WJ delete (name of the WJ) - deletes that WJ

And that's all for this plugin.
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Sidenote: there is neither a minecraft ship nor multiverse
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