Dynmap (-like) plugin
I'm not really a fan of long-polling
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(02-10-2016, 01:47 AM)SphinxC0re Wrote: I'm not really a fan of long-polling

And you're a fan of LuaJit.

Portability has its merits you knowTongue
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I've been looking through the issue list of the original Dynmap plugin and found this

So it seems he is allowing ports, and it seems reasonably easy. Only the wrapper has to be made compatible for Cuberite, and everything can be reused.
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I'm not an expert on dynmap, but as long as I've used it I would recommend not to center on browser "experience", this is already done, the real challenge would be to generate/manage the tiles.

A simple behavior would be to:
  • On block place/destroy add the chunk to the render queue.
  • Pick data continuously from the queue (it renders always with the same speed).
  • Generate/store the tiles with the same file tree structure.
  • write the changes on dynmap_world.json, so once the ajax comes in the browser will know which tiles (updated) to request.
There is no need of web sockets for "extreme" real time, dynmap generates tiles sequentially from the queue, so it doesn't even work in real time on java.

PS: My knowledge of LUA is zero, but will investigate the possibility of a port.
PS2: sry for the up, just noticed.
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No problem for bumping this, it could use a bump every once and while Wink

I have since made an issue on Dynmap's issue tracker, but the project seems a bit inactive now sadly.
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