Plugin for private area
Need plugin for private area. On this area only owner and admins can build, destroy and interract with doors, chests and so on.
1. Each player can private area. Areas can't intersect.
2. Limits. For example: player with rank default can create 1 area with size 500 (size=lengthX*lengthZ). Player with rank operator can create 2 areas  and so on.
3. Pvp protection by default. I've read, that there is no possibility to realise the flags system. So all areas will have this protection or not. It depends on config file.
4. Explosion, lava, fire protection. The same idea
5. Area owner can add members. Members can build on this area, but can't add another members.
6. Info about current area. Owner, members, size and so on. Area list

I've seen these  capabilities in different plagins (excluding pvp protection and ranks), but not at the same time in one plugin. I tried to combine them, but failed.
1, 2 -
4, 5, 6 -
5, 6 -

Only this plugin is not enough for a playable server
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Only pvp protection remain
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If you know Towny from Bukkit, players on my server and me are basically recreating that for Cuberite.
Although still in Alpha, it does already allow you to create towns, add players to it, and prevent explosions and pvp.

We could use some help if anyone is interested.
Check it out here.
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