Is "More Animals" possible yet?
I see there was a request for this back in '14 so I wonder if the API was sufficiently mature to do this yet?

My daughter also wants to be able to name her animals (pets?) - is this a possibility?

She was used to running Forge (?) on the "proper" server but since that's coded it Java it's laughably under performing,hence why I moved to Cuberite which is excellent.

I've never worked in Lua but I'd certainly try to chip in if this possible.
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Adding more animals (such as a turtle) is not possible with the current API without a large amount of hackish code (similar to things like the Spigot plugin Slimefun). You would be limited to doing things similar to command block "mods" which, while mostly possible in the Cuberite API, is inefficient and hard. Cuberite does not and likely will never support adding mobs, blocks, items, etc into the game. Forge is the only well developed platform that allows this.

Pets of the current mobs may be possible. I'm not familiar with mob and AI related parts of the API, so I can't say for certain.

TL;DR: No, just use Forge. It's the best platform to date, and there's plenty of optimizations you can do. It's difficult if not impossible to get it close to the performance of Cuberite, but it actually supports what I believe you want.
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Thanks Zee! I'm running the server on a spare Raspberry Pi clone - and Cuberite is just nice for that. Anything written in Java is a non-starter. In fact, I'm still a little surprised that the client and/or is still produced that way. There is a Java compiler out now but I don't have a clue where to start compiling someone else's source!

If anyone does, that might be an alternative I suppose. I'm guessing it's never going to be as fast as a well-written C server but the JIT is laughable.
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