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hello everyone

I'm about to create a new plugin, based on some acpects the bigger minecraft servers use. They are using the inventory baras an menu, with for example an shop, player statics, server list, minigame selection ETC. i want to bring this to cuberite. whith some additional features like.

- an api so plugin developers can change data in the database with user data (like exp, level ETC) or read it to make for example an top 10 list based on the statics in the database.
- customize the "menu bar"
- custom commands that can be executed using the menu

i can't take screenshots of what i mean, becouse all minecraft servers are blocked here at school (im doing secondary vocational education). i can do it this afternoon if needed.

I'm wondering what you think about this idea and i hope to read your reactions below.
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You'll have to elaborate a bit more about what the plugin should do. From your current description I still don't have any idea.
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@xoft i changed it, if some more explanation is needed, please notice me.

-- edit 25-1-2017 --
im just begon with making the plugin, put of my head the idea is awasome, but i am not able to explain it right in english.
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