Spawn Point Issues
I've got my server set up, and it's accessible to everybody, but the issue I'm running into is that any time I load it up the spawn point is not where I need I'm trying to get it. I'm setting it in the world settings, but that doesn't seem to make it any more reliable. Is there something I might be missing?
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If you set the spawnpoint in the world.ini file, in the [SpawnPosition] section, it should work. Note that if you edit the file while the server is still running, the server may overwrite it with what it still remembers later on.

Is there any message in the server log relating to the spawn?
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The same " Did not find an acceptable spawnpoint. Generated a random spawnpoint position at {0.00, 168.00, 0.00}" keeps popping up. I've been changing it both in world.ini and world.lua to see if either worked, but it doesn't seem to be changing that any.
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