I am using Cuberite build #844 minecraft version 1.12.1 and I followed a tutorial on a redstone hidden tree door this machine works on minecraft vanilla 1.12.1 so it must be an issue with the server. Basically what happens is one of my sticky pistons does not pull the top one down like it should I will attach an image to make it easier but if anyone can shine some light on this that would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time!

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Hi, welcome to the forums!

The redstone simulator in Cuberite is a bit different than in Vanilla, there's a lot of corner cases in Vanilla that aren't matched in Cuberite.

That said, I'm having a little bit of trouble reproducing exactly the bug you're having (I'm trying in 1.12 client, a recentish dev build of Cuberite). Is the issue that you have three sticky pistons, the bottom one extended and the top two retracted, and when the bottom one retracts it only pulls the middle piston and not the top piston? According to my 1.12 Vanilla client (in a singleplayer world), that's expected behavior.
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