You may have noticed I haven't been very active. Life is getting busier, and I must move on. I'll likely no longer be contributing code to Cuberite in the near future. Perhaps I'll still lurk around every now and then, and perhaps one day I'll be back.

But goodbye for now.

I'd really appreciate if someone continues work on the mob Behaviors branch. It has potential.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm LogicParrot/SafwatHalaby/Native/<did I miss anything>? (Xoft will probably make a joke about this).

I hereby appoint TigerW to be the new head of the Anti-Huge-Commits-Committee.

Jammet, thank you for your kind help in mob testing on your Lonely Island server, and thank you for gifting me a Minecraft account. Your contributions to Cuberite are appreciated!

Xoft, Tiger, NilSpace, Bearbin, Mathias, Dragon, Tycho, Pokechu, Tony, Sphinx, and all the rest: It was really fun to work with you!

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I hope you come back from time to time. I don't have much time myself, but I just like to look at the forum, browse through the history and the much loved What we're doing thread. Smile

Anyway, good luck Smile
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Sorry to see you go, but yes, life is always getting busier, I understand that only too well.

Thanks for everything, and good luck.
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I hope I'm not to late to say goodbye. Smile It was great having you here and thank you so much for all the help! I love what you've done, and I hope that someone somehow will pick up where you leave. I'm very happy I could help you as well! <3 To give back a little.

It's been a ton of fun! I haven't been very active myself, largely because life is busy all around. But I'm not going away anytime soon! Lately I have a load of invisiblity bugs/problems that nobody seems to be addressing at all, but I can't downgrade either ... details on demand. Here's hoping that someone can do something about that.

I hope you will return here sometime, say hello, or even hop on Lonely Platform if you like. Smile
In any case, all the very best to you!! Thank you!!
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