Using version 1.13 pre-release?
Hi all,

I'm very new to this but I've been wanting to write some plugins for a server for a while now and this seems like the perfect way to make that super easy.  Anyway, I was imagining that the server I'm working on will be for Minecraft 1.13.  Is there a way to change what version cuberite uses and possibly even change it to a prerelease?
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Hello, welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to use 1.13 pre-release with Cuberite yet, the protocol changes are vast, so no-one really wants to do them until Mojang stabilize it. So you'll have to live with 1.12, at least for the moment.

Glad to hear you're looking to write plugins, we'd like your feedback. How is the documentation, what part do you find good, what part is bad, where should we work more so that it's easier to understand, etc.
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Hi xoft!

Overall, the documentation is pretty good. I think some things could be a bit more detailed but what would really help someone like me learn is pictures, gifs or videos. To be honest, I figured out how to get other people's plugins working on my server by messing around in the files. The tutorial parts of the documentation are somewhat helpful but I think for this to really be accessible by anyone interested, something like a video on how to install plugins would be needed.

That being said, however, with what programming experience I have, I do think I should be able to write whatever plugin I want pretty easily. That's what has kept me interested in Cuberite after accidentally finding it online.

I have had a few minor issues. I was unable to comment on a plugin in the repository but that's not a huge deal for me right now. On a related note, whenever I click the download button on someone's plugin page, I get an access denied error (I just download directly from GitHub to get around that). Finally, I've noticed with some plugins, the player is frozen in place and even gets moved back if they try to move while using something from that plugin. This may just be how those people wrote their plugins and not a problem with how cuberite is running the code but I don't know either way.
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