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Was it a true leak or just high memory usage? Was it a debug build or release? Could be they have some new debugging features that use a lot of memory, that has already happened once and was the reason we pretty much got rid of a memory leak finder library.
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They say "More heads - more knowledge". Cuberite's doing fine then Smile
[Image: _more_heads.jpg]
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Looks like Cuberite is getting more developers again Smile
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I'm not sure whether that's pair programming, or rubber duck programming Smile
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Known bugs?

Hello, i am not forgot for cuberite and remember for this project, but i dont have time to test and i need to know, what bugs in cuberite are? i want to setup my server and i dont know, use cuberite or no?
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Main "bug" is missing support for 1.13 and 1.14. Otherwise, mobs are pretty bad, sometimes still invisible, lots of new blocks and items don't work, the usual.
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I seem to be adulting more and more lately. Just signed a contract for a new house Smile
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Nice Smile.

Also working that way right now, though it is quite hard finding a house.
Reason i have to move: gf pregnant 3 months left. current house to small only living room bed room.
No space at all Sad.
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You've still got a few months left, you'll be fine.

We've been looking for a new house for about a year, and suddenly last week one popped up and was irresistible - close to wife's parents (so that they can easily come help with the little one), close to train so that I can get to work easily, but not too close so no train noise. Basically no tech-noise at all, it's in a village of about 30 houses and nothing else Smile My only wish is that the rooms were a bit bigger, but I can live with that for now, and we're still planning to build our own eventually, now we don't have to force-push it, we've got a few years to do it.

@sphinxc0re when you come visit, there'll be a room for you Smile
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Looks like everyone is moving. This October I'm moving as well, for the second time this year in fact. Wink
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