Random Chitchat 2019
Surprisingly, I find myself with a bit more free time than I anticipated, although it is quite fragmented. The baby requires extreme attention for about an hour or two, and then two or three hours free time, sometimes even five hours. On a loop, day and night.

I've started tinkering with Cuberite code again. It's difficult coming back and remembering all the conventions again, but at least it seems that my burnout is gone, I enjoy working on the code again, so I'm hopeful.

So, are there any Factorio enthusiasts here? I'd fancy a multiplayer game, I can host it (have public IP and available portmapping).
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(08-08-2019, 06:21 PM)xoft Wrote: Shcode still doesn't seem to work. I'm looking at https://forum.cuberite.org/thread-3215-page-2.html which has a few code-heavy posts, none of them render right.
Weird. They render properly when I'm logged in, but appear as plain text when logged out. Was this the case before? This plugin was written for MyBB 1.6, and was last updated in 2012, so there might be some compatibility issues.
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I think I somehow got it to work properly. Can you confirm?
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It works for me again.
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Thanks, working now.
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@xoft and I are playing Factorio, anyone who'd like to join?
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I've got the most awesome wife in the world. Not only is she beautiful and smart, but she even understands that there's a small boy in every man who needs some time off sometimes Smile So she let me play today.
[Image: _20190721_185654.jpg]
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Today I had the weirdest of errors. When running Cuberite from VisualStudio, I got several popups saying "error in javascript code". WAT?
Found out this guy had the same, no solution from MS: https://developercommunity.visualstudio....-1566.html
In the end, I found out this is caused by outdated IE. My Win7 wouldn't update past IE9, and VS uses IE internally for some views. Updating manually to IE11 seems to have solved the issue. So I ended up searching for "download internet explorer" in Firefox, how's that for a kickerBig Grin
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Yesterday at Microsoft HQ:
[Image: IEDownloads.jpg]
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Did anyone else compiled cuberite with VS 2019? I have there a big memory leak (~600 MB) and cuberite is slow on startup. For now using VS 2017, to avoid that problem.
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