Towards 1.13
If you want I could update the protocol to 1.14.4. As I read we would drop support for the old protocol versions:
- Merge all packets in protocol file for 1.14.4
- Removed all old protocol files
- Update packets: Ids, update fields
- Comment all packets that changed
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Not yet, we first need the changes in the underlying representation - go from numeric BLOCKTYPEs to stringular, using the BlockTypeRegistry. If you want to help, I could use help after I get this first part merged, I'll take on the BlockArea rewrite and someone needs to refactor the block handlers, bring some sanity to them.

Unfortunately the protocol will most likely be one of the last things to do.
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I think the registry is now ready, it's waiting for a review. It can be merged into master without disrupting anything, it is initialized but not used anywhere yet.

I'll start working on the next step, the basic BlockArea implementation that provides storage for text-based blocktypes.
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As for the item type registry, that is not immediately needed, so I decided to let it wait until the BlockTypeRegistry settles down, we see how it works and then model the ItemTypeRegistry in a similar fashion. I'm still considering whether to make one template registry, specialized into Block- and Item-type registry, or whether to implement two completely separate Registry objects.
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