New Color codes for chat
I loved the new chat color codes and these codes can also help to give pets colors. Ducky bahi youtuber also used these codes.

You can have full list from here. 

[Image: WCuwAp8.png]

Dark Red (dark_red)

Red (red)

Gold (gold)

You can get more color codes from Minecraft color code generator 
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I don't know what to think. The color codes are a well-known thing, documented rather well on the minecraft wiki, no need to source them externally. So it's doubtful this person is trying to help others. On the other hand, there doesn't seem to be any spam content (at least for now). So what is this? What makes people post the color codes again and again? (this is probably the third or fourth such post).
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Advertisement for the website, well that is what it is in my eyes.
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The webpage still has only the color codes, nothing worth advertising (unless it's full of ads that are blocked by my adblock Smile
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