CommandScheduler - real-world time and intervals!
CommandScheduler is a simple but yet effective plugin that lets server administrators manage commands that they will to schedule at either a specific time or within an interval.

  • Clone this repository to your Plugins directory, or download it as a ZIP file, create a directory with whatever name you want and unpack it there.
  • Open the file config.lua with your preferred text editor and set up your commands, some examples regarding the syntax of these settings are included. For clearance, intervals are expressed in milliseconds, real-world times are expressed as a 24-hour time (i.e.: 21:03:13 would be a valid definition).
  • Enable the plugin and /reload your server.
  • Enjoy!
  • Can I reload this plugin?
    Sure, this is Lua on C++, it won't crash, only those J guys do.
  • Found a problem?
    Create a new issue, I'll be glad to help!
This plugin is licensed under the MIT License.


That's it, hope you like it!Big Grin
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