Poll: Remove the old and defunct makefile from repository?
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Removing old makefile
Hi all,
I think it's time we revised the need for the old makefile. As far as I know, it's been broken for weeks, maybe months. Its functionality has been superseded by GNUmakefile, which does a far better job at far less developer effort. So I'd like to ask: Is there anyone opposed to removing the old makefile from the repository? That is, is there anyone who thinks there is a chance that MCServer will need to be built by make that doesn't support GNUmakefile, and make the effort necessary to bring the old makefile up to date again?
Thanks for responses.
I created a poll. If you answer "Keep it", I'd like to hear why, please post your reasons below. If you answered "Remove", no need to justify that in a post Smile
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I think that if it is necessary we should find/create a tool that automatically creates such a makefile for us, instead of manually updating the file by hand
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That's the point - the GNUmakefile already does this.
Or, if you feel masochist enough, you could write a XSLT transformation that would take the msvc project files on input and produce a makefile out of them on output. We have something similar at work - a XSLT transformation that creates a CMakeList from several .vcxproj files
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